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Hearing and Noise in the Workplace

man wearing hearing protection in the workplace

As we get older, our hearing starts to get worse, but did you consider that could be in part due to your workplace? According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), they predict that about 20+ million workers are affected by noise and hearing problems from their workplace.

It’s not only factory and construction workers being affected though, there are other jobs that can harm our hearing. A few examples include airport workers, concert staff, and even teachers at times! Think about this next time you encounter a loud noise after you clock in.

The word used to describe sound intensity is defined as decibels. Due to OSHA standards, if the workplace environment exceeds over 85 decibels for an eight-hour work day on average, they must have a hearing conservation program set in place. This means if there are hearing issues outside of work or you have to yell to someone only a few feet away from you, there might be a problem.

Some symptoms you may have if you suffer from hearing loss include:

  • Sound sensitivity
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Muffling of speech
  • Difficulty specifying words and background sound

You don’t have to worry, because there are many options viable to protect yourself or your employees. Safety earmuffs or ear plugs to cover over, sound reduction glass or face masks, and using the loud equipment at less frequent times if possible. If the workplace has loud noises, the hearing conservation program we mentioned earlier is used to provide free annual hearing exams along with hearing training and protection.

Hearing loss isn’t something we can control when we reach older ages, but while we’re younger, we can take preparations to keep ourselves and other workers safe in the long run! You can check out more information on the OSHA website and find exact statistics about noise troubles in the workplace.

If you need any remediation services or training classes, remember to contact us! We have a variety of services at your disposal, let us know if you need help.

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