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Have you checked your attic or basement for mold lately?

Mildewed walls

We’ve discussed problems with mold several times before, but it’s still a very prevalent and hazardous issue for many property owners. Many may not even realize how bad their problem is until they are ready to sell their property or they start to experience serious health issues, especially when it deals with the basement and the attic.

Mold in your Basement
Whether or not your basement is finished, basements get used, even if it’s just for storage. What you may not realize is: basements are an easy area for mold to form, mainly because their humidity levels are generally different. If you don’t go down there often, make it a habit to check it on a monthly basis. And if you ever notice an unusual smell or coloration on surfaces, contact us. You can never be too early when detecting a mold issue.

Mold in your Attic
Similar to your basement, your attic may be very closed off or a space that you don’t use often and it can be a great place for moisture and leaks to occur. Mold problems can be the result of roof damage, air leaks, and some of them may be hiding behind insulation or other materials used in your attic. One problem you must take care of right away is making sure your ventilation is not all building up in your attic and heading outside instead. Such as what we said for your basement, make it a routine to head into the attic and inspect it for any possible problems. Let us know if you find anything you’re worried about.

It’s not surprising that these locations in your house may be the origin of a bigger mold issue, but that’s why prevention and routinely checking can save you problems in the long run. We’re here to help you prevent, locate, or exterminate any mold problems you may be faced with. Contact us before it gets too overwhelming!