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Why are 10-Hour OSHA Courses Important?

10-Hour OSHA Training is important to have and in some cases required. Karl Enviromental Group conducts 10-Hour OSHA Training.

Along with many of the services we provide here at Karl Environmental, we also provide training sessions for a variety of different needs including OSHA training. This month we want to focus on our 10-hour OSHA accredited training course and what it provides and covers for you as an individual entering or residing in the workforce.

We want to acknowledge that these classes are limited to 12 people at the moment, and if you would like another option, they are offered remotely. After this day-and-a-half of training, students of the course will receive their certificate that proves they completed the required training!

The important factor about our 10-hour OSHA course is that it covers a variety of topics and information that should be known by workers, managers, and owners alike. This course can help individuals understand the responsibilities given to them, how to prevent and protect individuals against health hazards found in the environment, and more. Not only is the boss in charge of certain specifics as a supervisor, the employees are also given certain responsibilities to keep track of what could possibly affect the wellbeing of themselves or another coworker.

The great part is that the 10-hour OSHA course provides a wide layer of knowledge for new individuals entering the workforce! Discussing the variety of topics mentioned earlier, there are 6 hours of mandatory topics that must be covered; 2 hours of elective topics which can include a range of information; and lastly, 2 hours of optional topics that can extend further insight into topics mentioned beforehand, or may focus on company-specific training information. These topics will include an introduction to what OSHA is, the use of personal protective equipment, protection against environmental hazards, and more.

Safety is one of, if not, the most important aspects of the workplace environment. Our 10-hour OSHA course can provide a great deal of information from your newest to your most experienced workers. Check on our website for available class dates and if you have any further questions, give us a call.

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