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What Karl Environmental Can Offer as an Environmental Consulting Firm

To maintain the surrounding environment and keep a more beneficial quality of life all around us, environmental consultants are crucial for multiple industries and businesses. With the dozens of regulations out there, not every business may understand them all. An environmental consultant, such as ourselves, will come in and help ensure they follow the guidelines to avoid any extensive penalties. 

There are a variety of analyses and insights used to help make better decisions which will provide businesses the knowledge to make choices with minimal risk involved. One of the most common objectives of a consulting firm is to sample and test material or issues to see if the surrounding area could be harmed or pose harm to other individuals. If you take a look on our environmental consulting page, we provide testing for a variety of issues. A few include mold, soil contamination, air quality, and more. We’ll also work directly with you to discuss state and local guidelines to find a solution that also meets your needs. 

With a cleaner future in sight, climate change and other environmental concerns are rapidly rising, and it comes with no surprise that environmental consulting is becoming more important. More restrictive government policies and laws will only make it more difficult for business owners and industries to stay compliant without help from a professional consulting firm. Breaking some of these guidelines can result in hefty fines and even jail time depending on the issue and the occurrence. 

A few scenarios where you may need a consulting firm include:

  • Property Assessments
  • Following Employee Safety Guidelines
  • Handling Dangerous Materials
  • Contamination Tests

With our own team, we have dozens of professionals who are here to help you address problems or other concerns for the future. We also work with nationally accredited laboratories to receive accurate results that we can review and compare with official guidelines already in place. Some of our previous clients have included the PA Department of Transportation, airports, school districts, and more.

If you want to learn about other consulting issues and what we handle, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re glad to inform you of what we can offer and how we can handle problems you may be faced with.

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