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Should You Have Your Well Water Tested?

There are plenty of stories from homeowners across the country about problems with their tap water. And with this, have you ever considered where the source of their water might have come from? We want to discuss a big issue surrounding well water and why sampling is so important.

If you assume well water is always safe to use, think again! There are a variety of chemicals in the ground that homeowners may not take into consideration. Some chemicals can result from unnatural problems, such as a failed septic tank, landfill seepage, or a storage tank leak. If the chemicals end up finding their way into your well water, it could prove harmful or even deadly to people and pets. Some of these chemicals include E. coli, PFOA/PFOS, lead, and several more!

More than a majority of well water sources aren’t required to be tested. This is why issues with them can prove more common overall, but unexpected for you. There is a prevalent stereotype against city water, but city water goes through countless stages of the sampling process on a daily basis to ensure it’s clean. The best thing you can do is have your well sampled a few times a year to ensure nothing dangerous has contaminated your water supply.

If your well has never been sampled or you’ve found some changes in your water, contact us to come out and take a sample as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you experience any major changes such as a different taste, odor, or appearance, get professional help immediately and stop using the water. Any usage of the water could prove dangerous, which includes drinking, bathing, cleaning, or cooking. From past sampling experience, an individual’s well was contaminated by a neighbor’s septic system and she ended up having to be hospitalized. It was so bad that the equipment used to calculate coliform levels in the water couldn’t find the estimated number because it was so high.

Sampling will be an added expense, but it’s worth it to guarantee the safety of your home’s water supply and avoid any incidents. If you have any concerns or questions about your well water or about other services we provide, check out the information on our website. If you need professional help and need a job done, fill out our contact page or give us a direct call! As we approach spring, consider having your well water tested, as spring and summer are the best times for the sampling procedure.

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