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Should you have your water tested for lead?

Karl Environmental Group provides safety consulting to PA and NJ. Our services include lead water testing, asbestos testing and asbestos abatement, environmental site assessment, lead paint inspection, mold sampling, industrial hygene, and other environmental consulting services. We also provide various certifications such as OSHA HAZWOPER certification, General Industry certification, Construction Industry certification, EPA Lead Renovator Certification, First Aid certification, and basic lief support courses.

When it comes to what we consume, usually we want to know what we are drinking and how it could potentially affect us. In most situations what we consume shouldn’t harm us, but sometimes the unfortunate happens and unwanted materials can end up in places it shouldn’t be, such as our drinking water! Here at Karl Environmental, we perform various types of testing on your water to determine factors such as what metals could be in it, the pH levels, what bacterial contaminants could be present, and other factors.

When we take in unwanted and harmful substances from drinking water, there are plenty of health effects that can happen to you and your family in the long run. This includes the general type of illnesses, but can also include those that become much worse resulting in organ failure and, increased risks of cancer, just to name a few. This means that not only should you have your water tested when you suspect an issue, but testing regularly is important to avoid potential health problems in the future.

There have been many acts by our government and environmental groups to combat contaminated drinking water, but these are not always guaranteed. One of these changes in the past years is the use of lead-free pipes and components in public facilities. This doesn’t mean your home is lead-free though! Find out what year your house was built and see if you have lead components in your home that may need to be fixed.

Some of the ways in which we sample include residential well sampling, NPDES permit sampling, and stormwater sampling. If you contact us, we can help determine the type of sampling that should be performed in your location and how frequent we may recommend testing to ensure the safety of your water source. We perform water testing services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you suspect an issue with your drinking source, contact us as soon as needed! Interested in learning more about our water testing services? Head over to our Water Testing page today!