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Safety in the Workplace During the Summer Months

summertime workplace safety, Karl Environmental Group provides safety consulting to PA and NJ. Our services include lead water testing, asbestos testing and asbestos abatement, environmental site assessment, lead paint inspection, mold sampling, industrial hygene, and other environmental consulting services. We also provide various certifications such as OSHA HAZWOPER certification, General Industry certification, Construction Industry certification, EPA Lead Renovator Certification, First Aid certification, and basic lief support courses.

As the summer rolls through, you will start seeing temperatures soaring and the sweat dripping. The basic safety issues to watch out for are still around, but different seasons may bring different problems. Employee safety is one of the most crucial parts of a workplace, and it’s required to keep employees updated with tips to help them deal with the summer heat and be safe in the work environment.

One of the biggest problems that can occur during the summertime is the summer heat and staying hydrated on the job. When the body becomes dehydrated, our own abilities can slow and decrease performance, so besides not keeping the body hydrated, dehydration may also affect work efficiency. Remind workers to drink plenty of water and even provide water if you can. When you have a talk about workplace safety with your employees, remember to mention how the heat can affect them.

On the topic of telling your employees about safety concerns in the summer, are you having daily talks and meetings with them? If not, create a routine, even if it’s once a week, to have a workplace meeting and discuss what to watch out for during the summer hours. This is a great time to also keep them informed with what is happening on the job and if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Also, remember to thank them for working their hardest even through the raging heat.

It could be laying pavement, working construction, or working in an office, there are different issues that are dependent on what field you work in, but no matter what, safety for employees should always be at the top of the list for any employer.

Safety also means making sure your workers have the correct training to provide them with the best knowledge to complete their job. If you are in need of training classes, take a moment to find out which ones we provide and then give us a call to schedule a class. We provide both private and public classes.

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