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Can Mold be the cause of your Weight Gain?

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Everywhere you look from television commercials, to magazines and even Facebook, there are articles on weight loss.  Some of these diets you’ve probably tried at one time or another.  Some of these diets may have seemed to work at first but then you gained the weight right back, even with going to the gym and running each week,  So why isn’t anything working for you?  Could you be weight loss resistant due to mold?

Mold is a biotoxin, it’s a living organism, that can cause a multi-faceted syndrome.  That’s right, there are over 100 symptoms of mold toxicity and one of them is weight gain.  Leptin resistance can increase fat cells and insulin resistance in muscle cells can decrease muscle mass.  There is also an effect on metabolism and an overall feeling of fatigue.

Find out if your home has mold by having your home inspected and have testing conducted by an experienced environmental firm.  Swab testing or dust sampling are the two best methods and provide the most accurate results.  Even if you don’t see obvious mold in your home it doesn’t mean its not there.  It may not be in plain sight.  In fact a report issued by the Federal Facilities Council entitles Implementing Health-Protective Features and Practices in Buildings, found an alarming 43 percent of buildings they inspected had current water damage and 85 percent had past water damage.  Mold can grow in as little as 24-48 hours when water damage occurs.

The thing about mold is it comes in through your doors, windows, and even attaches to your clothing.  Mold toxins are outside, inside, and thus they are everywhere.  Mold can grow and survive in any season, not just in damp, warm environments.

See a physician who is knowledgeable about the effects of mold and have them run tests.  There are a variety of labs including blood tests, urine tests and an online Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test which can test for mold exposure.  Doctors can prescribe a number of treatments and regimens including activated charcoal, bentonite clay, chlorella, zeolite and cholestyramine to help bind and remove myotoxins.   Other remedies include sauna therapy, probiotics, exercise and changes in diet.

Most importantly, once treated, you must avoid re-exposing yourself to more mold spores.  If your house tests positive for elevated mold levels, hire a professional firm to find the source of mold and decontaminate your home. Summer can be a particularly dangerous time for mold exposure as the warm temperature encourages growth.




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