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Asbestos Awareness (OSHA/AHERA)


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Asbestos Awareness training is required for employees who may come into contact asbestos-containing materials (ACM) as part of their daily work activities.  OSHA and AHERA require that employees receive annual 2-hour training.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to what asbestos is, where it comes from, and how it was used.
  • Health effects from exposure to asbestos.
  • Examples of materials that contain asbestos and/or should be presume to contain asbestos (PACM).
  • Correct precautions and work practices when working around asbestos.
  • Avoiding exposure to asbestos.
  • Recognizing asbestos hazards due to damage and/or deterioration.
  • Appropriate responses to asbestos fiber release events.
  • OSHA regulations and how they apply to you and your company.

For construction, maintenance, custodial and industrial staff who may come into contact with asbestos.

Class certificate provided upon completion of the class.  Valid for 2 years.

Note:  This class is not intended for persons who disturb ACM or handle ACM that is damaged.

Class Length:  2 hours



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