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Lead Sampling/Remediation

Karl Environmental Group has years of experience providing lead paint inspections, lead paint risk assessments, lead paint sampling, lead clearance inspections, and lead paint removal/abatement throughout Pennsylvania.

Lead Services:Lead 2

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Lead-based paint (LBP) can be present on a variety of surfaces within a property, or even under more recent paint layers. Because of the potential health issues related to ingestion of lead, it is important the property owners address any lead issues by using an experienced lead inspection and remediation company, such as Karl Environmental Group.

Karl Environmental Group is an accredited EPA Training Provider and our team of lead inspectors, risk assessors, and abatement workers are fully trained and certified.  With our state of the art non-destructive sampling and inspection techniques, we can provide information on where lead-based paint may be present in a property, even if it is located underneath newer paint.










*lead services exclude NJ